Friday, 18 April 2014


After a rainy winter, January started with the first O'race of the season, with Norte Alentejano Omeeting, where I ended 14min after Thierry Gueorgiou in the overall. I kept training well and a few weeks later I competed at the Andalucia O'meeting in sounthern Spain, where I ended in 29th, 24min after Bergman in the overall.

One week later I was running the Mediterranean Championships in Viseu by the national team, with 2 average forest races and a sprint with good feelings, good splits, despite a stupid 1min mistake by the castle.

The forests and the maps were worth to visit and ended in my top portuguese favourite maps.

In the weekend after, there was Portugal Omeeting, organized by my club, where I spent 4 amazing days (even with the awful weather) putting controls in the terrain and picking them up.

In March I raced my first mountain race in Portugal, with 48km and D4080m. I suffered a lot and ended 2nd, checking how far I'm from the top, Tofol Castanyer, who arrived 25min before me.

Then I was back to a few more congresses, oral presentations and works...

... and finnally EOC started, where I ran Long, Sprint and Relay. I think there wasn't a single race where I didn't have some pain medication before the start. At the beginning, due to an Achilles tendinitis that had been bothering me in the weeks before and, in the end, due to a viral tonsillitis that bored me mainly during the nights with some fever.
In the long distance qualification I was out of the final by 40sec. I was able to qualify for the sprint final, but too many BIG mistakes in the castle made me end in a disappointing 50th place.
I left Palmela with the strange feeling that the environment among the portuguese national team is now far different from a few years ago, when I joined it.

About the organization, I was at the EOC just as an athlete and I consider that I don't know well enough what really happened to give a proper opinion (even if, obviously, is a negative one). However, there's one thing I'm sure of: Portugal has organized many quality events in the past and a proof of it, is that it's still the main world orienteering stage during the winter, just relying on amateur and volunteer work.

What's next? By professional (lack of free time) and injury reasons I feel a little bit out of shape.
In the next month, I'll start an internship in Neurophysiology (while keeping the emergency shifts on Orthopaedics) and, once again, won't be easy to cope with.
However, the next goal is huge. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to race in Zegama, in just 1month from now!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


So, October started with a great test at the World Skyrunning Champs at Limone Extreme, and the name "extreme" says it all. I was alright in the flat part, but the extreme ups and downs made me end in the 57th place, far from where I intended to be. It's curious that I wasn't much tired in the end of the race; I just wasn't able to run fast enough on the steep slopes. I was really proud of the top places of the O'guys Ionut Zinca and David Schneider!!... and I hope that in the next editions I'll be ready to also take part in the fight! In the photo, with the first climb in the back:
A resume of the memorable race:

 The next few days were spent running at low speed in the Alps with Marco Marques, discovering really nice places. I have to be back in the summer!

Then, in the weekend after I won a 42k (D+2000) race in Lousa:

And then I was back to a few weeks of proper winter trainings with the usual weekend long intervals at the beach:

I turned 26 and got a little bit older:

And then, in November, I spent 2 weeks discovering China (Guangzhou-->Guillin-->Yangshuo-->Shanghai-->HK-->Macau). The long trips, the long days and the pollution made it impossible to train and so I did only 2x30min in the whole 15 days. It was a unprogrammed stop, but life isn't all about training. I've also noticed that the PBs of the last few seasons have been taking place before February, so maybe this delay will allow me a later and proper peak.

In the meanwhile, I finally finished my post-graduation in Sports Medicine:

And last weekend, after 15days of being back to training, 15 days of crappy interval times, 15 days of having my ass beaten by my training group, I was able to do 32'29 at the 10k Christmas GP, a Lisbon classic.

What about the future? It's been 6 months since I last navigated with a map and I'm really missing it, navigating like a mad guy through the omaps section of worldofo.
I know that, due to the fact that I live in Lisbon far away from Omaps, I 'll always be the athletics/mountain running guy who competes with a map on his hands in some weekends (like the majority of the portuguese team). That's something that I'll have to live with... so I just have to give my best with the conditions I have.
My 2014 calendar is ready with plenty of mountain races, orienteering races and even some triathlons! =)

By the way... Thierry Gueorgiou has already made his entry to Portugal Omeeting 2014. What are you waiting for? All the info at: . See you soon, in Portugal!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What I've been doing since WOC...

WOC ended, and so the 2013 O'season also ended for me.

Since then, I've been enjoying my routines hospital-training-eating-sleeping. I've been doing different things as stupid as discovering the city by scooter by going home through a different path each day (one day I recorded an extended version, as follows):

... other days, I've been enjoy going to/from work by the river, adding 25km by bike to the training diary without loosing a minute of my time. I've got a new "road babe" but my ischial tuberosities are still adapting to her. =)

Professionally, I got certified in Advanced life support, infiltrated dozens of joints and muscles and had some fun with athlete experiments.

About sports, I spent some days discovering the mountains in the north of the country, while on vacation with my family:

I've won a small mountain race in Viseu:

And I spent one week training in idyllic sceneries in Ordesa, Benasque and Andorra...

... where I won one of the most beautiful races I've ever raced, with 42km and D+3000m.

What's next? The first true test of the season while racing with some of the best, next weekend, in Italy.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Another year, another WOC.

What a week! I have this theory that says that you only know the real value of race when you reach home and start recalling it... and now I know that this was a tremendous WOC.

After last year's WOC I knew that a place on the Long distance's FinalA was reachable and that the Sprint distance would be my main goal, so I worked for it all season long. However, the "Ulkomaalainen" caught a gastroenteritis 36h before the start of the LQ. I had a terrible night watching all the earlyTV Finnish programs and after 24h without eating and without proper medication with me, I had to go to the hospital.

I hate the feeling of "being-supposed-to-run-but-staying-seated-down-clapping-my-hands", but I wasn't able to run the LQ. 
In the next day I ran the Sprint qualification (GPS here). I did a big mistake to the 19th but the result suprised me: more than 1min out of the final! I realized that I was fooled by my perceived exertion. I suffered during the race, but that corresponded to a slower speed. My body hadn't recovered and I couldn't give more than I had.

Then, in the relay, I ran the 2nd leg, through a safe and slow performance always by myself (GPS here). I didn't do big mistakes but also didn't go fast enough. Our team, once again, underperformed during the relay. 

About the portuguese performance, this was the best WOC ever... a positive sign that our level is rising.
Among the genial IOF new rules, Portugal has risen 6 places this year, giving us a place in the 2nd division with 2 places in each final (Table here).

The portuguese team in front of our home with our landlords. New goal in life: cutting wood as that 92-year-old-man.

Wake-up music during the competition days.

What about my future in Orienteering? Right now the future is uncertain. 
One part of me tells me that I won't ever have enough free time to invest in a proper amount of map training. That isn't smart to bet everything on a sport which is irrelevant in your country, when the kind of country itself is irrelevant to IOF. 
Other part of me tells me that I can't live 1month without missing the feeling of navigating with a map in my hands. That I've been doing Orienteering for so long that a part of me dies if I stop. 
I think it's just a matter of tuning the balance.. and that it's important doing it from time to time.
Whichever the case may be, I'm sure of one thing: I can't live without running and I really want to develop my physical capabilities. I think I haven't reached my boundaries and now I have all the proper facilities where I live.

So...what's next? Now I'll rest some days in order to recover from some smaller lesions that have been bothering me lately. Then the O'season dies in Portugal and I'll have from August to December some months full of intense sessions during the week and mountain running races in the weekends... can't wait for it!

P.S.- By the way... after being told dozens of times in the last years (3x this WOC) that I look like Grant Bluett, the Australian orienteer (I don't know him, since he isn't from my generation), I googled him... I might see some similarities, but I still can't understand the phenomenon. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Finnish TC+Jukola

After a week back to the routine, finally I've some free time to write something about the last days.

I was selected to run Long and Sprint in this year's WOC, so I've spent a week training with the national team in Vuokatti.

We trained hard during our stay there, doing some of the following sessions:
First terrain adaptation HERE
Short Sprint loops HERE
Long-like mass starts "The winner takes it all" HERE
Easy Middle-like session HERE
Easy Middle-like session2 HERE
Middle-like session HERE
Long-like mass starts HERE

Good training sessions, amazing weather, nice cooking contests: resuming it all, everything was perfect. I improved my navigation skills during the week... and that always leaves me with the same question: How far could I reach if I had this map contact for a month? or two?

Then I participated in Jukola, running for the first time the 1st leg by Turun Metsankavijat 3. I was impressed by the great team's athmosphere! My goal was to avoid navigation mistakes, but I ended doing a few. I didn't run fast enough in the beginning and I found myself trapped in the "trails" by slower athletes, loosing several minutes: a lesson to the future.

(right click-->open in new window)

How beautiful is this sport?

What's next? A lot of work/presentations by now, trying to compensate the absence time. For example, next Sunday I'll enter the Hospital at 8.00am, to leave it on Tuesday's morning. It's the final sprint and I'm 100% motivated to give everything I have.

(The portuguese team is ready)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2013

After some rough times through the injury world I was back after some weeks of training to test my body in a 42km mountain running race in the Madeira Islands (smart, as usual).

I was in Madeira for the first time last September and I was amazed by its beauty. This time I was still able to find more idyllic places with the Portuguese Salomon Team.

About the race, it had 42km with a positive climb of ~1000m and a downhill of ~3000m through winding trails. I was alone in the first climb with good feelings all the way, maintaining a 5min lead over the 2nd.

However the race only ends in the finish line and around the 35km my body stopped working. I don't have enough experience in this kind of races/long race times and I didn't do a smart caloric intake. I suffered A LOT in the last kms. I started walking for some parts and I ended 2nd, 4min after the lead. It was a tough lesson that I won't forget soon. I learned some interesting ways of repleneshing the calories during a race.

Photo by IvanRoxo

In the following days I was able to enjoy the best of the island, thanks to Madeira Rural (HERE), that I recommend if you visit the island. 
In the day after the race I "recovered" with 18k trail training session and in the following day, a canyoning session through the island beautiful rivers.

What's next? In the following weeks I'll mainly work on my speed. In 2 weeks, I'll have the national team training camp in Finland and Jukola (by the way, I'm still looking for a team) and in more than a month, the highlight of the season: WOC!

(The following words are in portuguese and are boring...) =)



Disclaimer: O seguinte texto é um direito de resposta relativamente ao processo de difamação empreendido por alguns elementos do clube Offtel runners relativamente à prova supracitada. O seu conteúdo reflecte apenas a minha opinião pessoal.

1. Relativamente à organização. Percurso fantástico. Disfrutei do início ao fim. Parabéns à organização por uma prova tão bem organizada. Foi sem dúvida o melhor trail em que já participei.

2. Relativamente a minha prova. Seguia com 5min de vantagem quando por volta do 35km o corpo deixou de responder. Fisicamente estava bem, mas fruto da minha inexperiência neste tipo de distâncias, fiz uma má gestão do aporte calórico. Literalmente arrastei-me até o fim. Senti o João atrás de mim numa descida e cheguei-me ao lado para ele passar. Não consegui ir com ele e ainda perdi mais 4min até o fim. Aprendi muito com esta dura lição.

2. Relativamente ao regulamento. Existe um regulamento que diz explicitamente o material que os atletas devem levar, com penalizaçoes. Durante a semana troquei vários emails com o director da minha equipa sobre como optimizar o mesmo. Conseguimos colocar todo o equipamento dentro de um cinto.

3. A prova terminou e felicitei o João pela vitória. Sabemos que existe o regulamento, mas nunca ouvi em momento algum dentro da minha equipa a intenção de reclamar ou protestar contra a vitória do João por ele não levar o material necessário. Há valores partilhados no desporto que não são descritíveis e que se sobrepõem a aspirações individuais... e é isso que faz do desporto o grande unificador que é.

4. No final da prova, a equipa Offtel runners interpôs uma reclamação em como eu e o João não tínhamos levado o material todo. Ambos os atletas tiveram a oportunidade de se defender da reclamação. O director da minha equipa mostrou todo o material que eu tinha levado (mochila ou equipamento similiar, impermeável, apito, frontal, telemovel, manta térmica, banda elástica, alimentos, 1l em recipientes de água e copo) e fui reclassificado. Descontente com a situação, um dos dirigentes da equipa que reclamou continuou a reclamação baseada no facto de que o plástico que eu levava como copo não poderia ser considerado copo. Não preciso, mas faço aqui a ressalva de que existem plásticos especializados como copos à venda no mercado, como:

4. No final da prova teve início um processo de difamação por parte de elementos da equipa que reclamou; a mesma do elemento que ficou em 3º lugar, a 14min do João e a 10min de mim. Existiram provocações gratuitas antes da cerimónia de entrega de prémios a que nenhum elemento da minha equipa respondeu. Durante a cerimónia presenciei um momento que nunca tinha visto em toda a minha carreira e que os vários atletas presentes não irão esquecer brevemente.

5. No final da cerimónia, após ter sido insultado em plena cerimónia dirigi-me ao próprio. Infelizmente não foi possível um diálogo socialmente aceitável, com injúrias à minha pessoa e a elementos da organização presentes (citando o regulamento: Faltar gravosamente ao respeito para com a organização e participantes (agressão ou insulto) - Irradiação da modalidade) com base na problemática do copo. Orgulho-me de em algum momento ter respondido de igual forma.

6. Todo esse processo continua ainda neste momento através do Facebook e Blogues, com injúrias e ofensas a que me recuso e recusarei a responder em igual tom. Serviu o presente direito de resposta para dar a minha opinião sobre uma situação sobre a qual não tive qualquer culpa ou poder de decisão... sobre uma situação que me é alheia e que lamento profundamente.

7. Este será o último momento em que me pronunciarei sobre o assunto. Até breve, por aí.

Monday, 6 May 2013

National team TC + Long and Sprint Champs.

After 1.5months without intense workouts (see last post), I was officially back without any pain on the 25th April, right on time to test my body (!) on the 5.000m national O'team trials. I did 15'50, with the same average I did the first 10k road race of the season.

The following days were spent in the National Team houses in Marinha Grande, with great training sessions and the great NT athmosphere. Some of the sessions are as follows:
Long distance HERE.
Mass start HERE.

Then this weekend, there were the National Championships in Long and Sprint distances.
In the Long distance champs, with almost 17k,  I was too conservative and followed the paths too much all the way (with the extreme option to the 6th which costed almost 1min). I suffered and I was 5th in the end.

I really enjoyed the sprint distance. I was already missing that feeling. I didn't do any major mistakes, but I felt the lack of the extra gear in the engine. I ended 2nd.

Moustache man

What's next? Whatever are the goals for the summer, I'm expecting to return to the old shape in a few weeks. Now it's time to kill the legs.

I end with this month's portuguese edition of SportLife magazine.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Nonrequired Pit stop

A long time since my last post... meaning that I haven't competed much lately.

In February I was feeling physically really well... However I commited a great mistake HERE by running 2 moutain running races in less than 12h.

Since then, I started to feel some difficulty in running. I was able to run, but quited in the first intervals of the fast sessions. It didn't hurt in any specific local but my legs felt really stiff, mainly in the upper hamstrings. I analysed my blood and everything was fine; Hemoglobin ok, ions ok.

Then I spent a week in Peguerinos, Spain, training with the portuguese national team. I was able to run, but under espectations. Then, I did the Spanish national championships and underperformed once again. It was like those "athlete nightmares" when you see everyone passing you and you aren't able to run faster.

This week, after quiting the intervals before they started, I said it's enough. I was examined by the High Performance Center Physiatrist and I was diagnosed a upper Hamstring tendinopathy in its beginning (fortunately!). More info about it HERE. It seems that the inflammed tendons contracted the hamstrings and didn't let me lift my legs properly (that's why it was worse going uphill). And then I remembered, that this isn't the first time it happens HERE (that's a good thing of having a blog).

It isn't common but it's literally a "pain in the ass". I'm able to run, but can't do intervals. If it doesn't heal properly it can get chronic and only be solved with surgery (as in the Achilles). I'm now treating it and it feels better from day to day.

Now I just wish to get the physical shape I had 1 month ago. I hope I'll be back soon...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

XXI Iberian Championships - Why not?

The portuguese edition of the XXI Iberian Championships/III Meeting Orientaçao Gouveia will take place on the 13th-14th April 2013 in the Gouveia area, organized by CPOC. There are only a few competitions that may be proud of having Gueorgiou as the last winner, and this is one of them (HERE) and (HERE).

The maps will have the recognized quality of Tiago Aires and the terrains will be mountain terrains at 1500m altitude, with the arena localized by the Vale do Rossim lake.


Map sample

Other map samples (HERE)
Official Website (HERE)
Official Facebook page (HERE)
Any doubt?

See you soon, in Gouveia.