Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Maintenance training to WUOC

This week I have been only running 30min per day. I have been doing a lot of strenght exercises and running technique. I am also doing an average of 25km of mountain bike every day. I want to be 100% recovered from my achilles tendon injury. I don't feel any pain, there is just a little fibrous scar in the muscle and I want it to disappear completely before I start training a bit harder again.

Next sunday I will fly to Tallin in Estonia to the 16th World University Orienteering Championship. After a long time trying to get support from universities and faculties, we could manage to participate in this competition. This achievement was thanks to Paulo Franco, my friend and athlete mate who took the lead and believed that we could go from the very beginning.

From Estonia I will fly directely to Barcelona were my family waits for me in holidays. I will stay at Barcelona's marina with a fantastic sea sidewalk to train everyday. I will spend there 15 days in which my train will basically consist in running (with some series), strenght training, running technique, inline skating and bike. I will do those things I don't have time to do during the year. I will also stretch a lot once this is a weak point of mine.

Due to some technical problems I won't be the guide of Jorge Pina at Beijing Paralympic Games so I will have all the September free to train technically which is now my weakest point.

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