Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My roots

This is just a brief resume of my sport history.
I always loved sport. Started swimming with 3 years old and stopped with 15. I have been 4 years in swimming competitions, training 3 hours a day. I have played hockey, basketball and badminton in my childhood. With 10 years old I started orienteering at school with my teacher, Susana. I did 6 years of orienteering in school sport (with spaced o'events) with my coach from then, Paulo Mourão.
4 years ago I started to compete in the National Portuguese Cup. 3 years ago I went to Lisbon to study at Lisbon's Medical School.
In the end of my first season at university I met my actual coach, José Santos, who started to train me harder and push me to my boundaries.
My second season at university, coached by José Santos, was pauted by many sprains in my tibio-tarsic and intervaled periods of trainning.
In the beginning of my third university season, I have had a meniscal lesion that prevented me from training for 4 whole months. Now I am in the end of my 3rd year at Lisbon with a better training method and an evoluted know-how that I wish will put me ahead (preventing some errors of the past that resulted in injuries).

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