Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Training camp at Canary Islands

Last week I was in Canary Islands, particularly in Tenerife island. I was in a training camp with the Portuguese Paralympic Team as a guide of a blind athlete in preparation to the Paralympic Games in Beijing next September where I will be the guide of the marathon athlete Jorge Pina (I will run half marathon).

In this training camp we ran at 2500m of altitude (where we could feel the accelerated breathing) and made a total of 25km in some days. I loved being there and was amazed with the story of some of those athletes. After the track trainings as guides, we, the guides, made some extra series where I pushed a bit more. Now I am preparing to the World University Orienteering Championships in Tartu - Estonia. You can check the news of the portuguese team at

This week I will only make 30min running per day in order to recover completely from the micro-rupture I have in my soleus muscle. Next week I hope to do some training with map, once I haven't runned with a map for 3 months because of the demanding exam season at med school.

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Paulo Franco said...

Oh yeah! Congrats for the blog. Good luck for the WUOC, but plz manage your expectations... second place will be the best you can get... there is Portuguese bastard you won't be able the beat! :)