Sunday, 24 August 2008

WUOC 2008

From the 25th of July to the 3rd of August I was in Estonia with the portuguese team in the World University Orienteering Championships. The terrain was though, totally different from what we are used to. In fact, the Nordic terrains are much more closed and there is almost no visibility (only in a 3meter range) which is different from the portuguese open terrains. I concluded in this competition that I have to develop a lot my O'technique in order to have better results.

There is a brief description of each day.
July 27/29
We spent these days training in the estonian terrains in order to get used to them.
Wednesday, 30th July, SPRINT
I thought I could get a better result in this competition once it requires less O'technique. A slow start and a mess in the forest area spoiled this competition.
Thursday, 31st July, LONG DISTANCE
This was a though competition. Maybe the 3 months without any contact with a map were too much and I couldn't really navigate in the closed forest. With a time of nearly 2h20m, I was exhausted in the end in a hypoglicemic state. I put in my head that I would not quit and hardly did the last controls walking/running. It was really hard to concentrate in the end of the competition.
Friday, 1st August, MIDDLE DISTANCE
Map with route options on RouteGadget
More used to the terrain but still with some major mistakes that caused damage in a short distance.
Saturday, 2nd August, RELAY
In the relay I did my best performance in this WUOC. I started in the last group of athletes and I almost didn't see anyone in the forest (just a Japanese fellow that did most of the race with me). I had no pressure (Just the pressure of not being joked, once Esther Gil would race the same 3rd leg by the Spanish team ) and my technique was more less adequated to the race. In the end, there was an enthusiastic final sprint with the Japanese athlete. After all, our team was disqualified because of some mistakes of our last athlete, things that can happen to anyone.

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