Monday, 29 September 2008

Natura trophy...

This weekend was the first national O'competition counting to the Portuguese cup. The competition took place in an area in the center of Portugal by the sea, named Quiaios. It has some of the best national maps. The results can be found here (1st day) and here (2nd day)

In the first day, a nearly 12k race in a sandy terrain, I made my best result ever as an elite. I was 3rd. I started slowly (shown in the graph by the green trace, me), once the last time I have read a map was in Estonia, almost 2 months earlier. The map was not too technical with some easy options. I ran easily, but I could have saved much more time in the long legs. My options were almost all by paths (showing some lack of self-confidence) and some of them almost ridiculous. In the other hand, if I didn't made it by paths, maybe I would even have lost more time re-localizing myself.

That night, I felt some pain in my tibio-tarsic joint. I had made a little sprain and I didn't even noticed while running. That night I found two major blisters in my left foot, made by my new and short Integrator shoes.

In the second day, I tried everything: running with my integrators, running with athletic shoes, all kind of ankle supports to reduce the pain. In the warmp up, some pain disapeared and I was able to run. Unfortunately that was not enought and I wasn't able to keep my 3rd place. I did only some small mistakes, but the running was my cross.

Now, monday, I wasn't able to train. Tomorrow I will try again. I have started my optative disciplines at faculty. This week I will have 5 hours of nutrition every morning and some whole afternoons with Sexology. I hope I will be able to run well again soon.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The ending of the Paralympic games...

After 3 weeks in China I finally arrived in Portugal yesterday. This was the perfect pre-season with lots of long training sessions, exceeding 20km in many days. I have done a lot of strength training and my knees are better than ever. My O'season will start next weekend with a nice competition by the sea. My athletics season will start with two 10k races, one in the 5th of october, the other in the 19th (the nike race against the tajo river). Here I leave some photos of the weeks spent in China.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Last trainings in chinese soil...

The marathon went as previewed. I ran the first half marathon to the times/km that our coach told us. The humidity and heat were too much and some athletes had to give up. I ran the half marathon at an easy pace. There was a crowd all over the 42k. I was delighted with that athmosphere: bands, people screaming, choirs of children... After the marathon I kept training hard. Yesterday we did a 1h training in a 1km tartan running path. The first 30min were at 3min50/km and the second 30min varied from 3min20/km to 3min05/km. It was though!Today is my last day at China. The experience was unforgettable, but I already miss the portuguese clima after 3 whole weeks in China.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Opening ceremony..

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games. It was astonishing! The way they lighted up the cauldron was amazing, with a Paralympic chinese gold medalist climbing with his own hands to the top of the stadium, simbolizing the extra difficulties that disabled people have everyday.

The athmosphere in the olympic stadium was unique with 90.000 people singing and dancing.
All the ceremony was breathtaking, specially the "frog kids".

My athlete is now reducing the training load. I am still making 1h20 per day and hard series on road (once the track is reserved for wheelchair athletes).

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

First trainings in chinese soil..

We arrived 5 days ago and we are still getting used to the jet-lag. We have been doing 1h20 every day in a nice rythm (around 4min/km). Today will be our first series training day, 14x400m. Jorge Pina is already diminuishing the load of training. We, the guides will maintain the load of training, since we have different objectives (our objective is not running the marathon, once we will only run half marathon, but to prepareto the next season).. We are sleeping in a nice hotel with a view from the room to the olympic stadium (also known as "the birds nest"). We have bought some bicycles in the first day for 25euros each on which we go every day to the olympic village, in a constant slalom between the locals. My athlete is feeling pretty confident. On the 6th of september at 20h will take place the open ceremony. When we train around the stadium we always hear the sound of the volunteers training for it.