Wednesday, 3 September 2008

First trainings in chinese soil..

We arrived 5 days ago and we are still getting used to the jet-lag. We have been doing 1h20 every day in a nice rythm (around 4min/km). Today will be our first series training day, 14x400m. Jorge Pina is already diminuishing the load of training. We, the guides will maintain the load of training, since we have different objectives (our objective is not running the marathon, once we will only run half marathon, but to prepareto the next season).. We are sleeping in a nice hotel with a view from the room to the olympic stadium (also known as "the birds nest"). We have bought some bicycles in the first day for 25euros each on which we go every day to the olympic village, in a constant slalom between the locals. My athlete is feeling pretty confident. On the 6th of september at 20h will take place the open ceremony. When we train around the stadium we always hear the sound of the volunteers training for it.

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