Saturday, 4 October 2008


Today this post is not so much about sports but more about life.
While I am sick and without the large loads of medical books to study, I started to read some more things not so scientific. Today I read one of the best books lately. Its is called "Sinto muito" ("I'm sorry", translated) and is from one of the best Portuguese neurologists, Nuno Lobo Antunes, specialized in pediatric neurooncology. It's about the incapacity of a doctor in this sensible area and the daily though moments in an area where the prognostics are so reserved. I simply loved the book.
If you're looking for some more books to read, I advise "The logic of life" of Tim Hardford (a book which shows the simplest sides of life by an economic perspective) and the "O macaco obeso" ("The fat monkey", translated), a book of Enrique Campillo Álvarez, a Spanish physiologist where he connects our primate genes with our nowaday sedentary way of life. It's a good bet.

If you want some amazing videos, I advise:

Team Hoydt, the well known dad whose son has cerebral palsy. And the way that sports changed their life. It touches you watching this man carrying his son along a whole Ironman. It's an example where you note that is always possible to find new ways of living even in the most complicated situations.

"Steve Jobs commencement speech", the CEO of Apple, a genial example of life. I don't get tired of watching it.

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