Sunday, 19 October 2008

Run against Tajo river

Today I did the 10k nike race against the tajo river ("Corrida do Tejo 2008"). The competition had its participant record this year with a total of 11.000 athletes. With some climbs, I wanted to do less than 33min. However I did a 33'20 race. As a race in the beginning of the season it was not bad (two years ago I did more 3min than today in the same course). It was hard to start, once there were lots of people starting in front of me. I passed the 5k at 16'30. However, in the last km's I couldn't keep the pace in some climbings. I ended in the 25th place.

It was cool to run against some athletes from the Spanish Olympic team, Chema Martinez (European 10k champion) and Jesus España. Chema won the race with a time of 29'45. My faculty was there too with a team of 7 athletes. The results can be found here.

In the end, I have concluded that I need more races in order to keep a high pace at competitions (the last race of this type I did was 1+1/2 years ago). I have to do more high pace trainings in order to develop my aerobic capacity.

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