Tuesday, 18 November 2008

14x400m intervaled training

Today we had 14x400 with 1min interval. Something was different today, we brought a camera with us (and we share the photos). We gradually increased the intensity, from 75' to 64'. Here I leave some fresh photos taken today that reflect the morning training spirit in the University Stadium in Lisbon.

The ex-boxeaur, me, Filipe and Jorge

Now with Paulo

Happy warm up after 30' running outside




No more, please!

The family (UP:Ferreira (blind athlete), Tó, Paulo, Filipe / DOWN: Paulinho,me and Jorge posing)

1 comment:

Paulo Franco said...

Highly regrettable... I don't see the pictures where you are highly ratated in the series! :)

I understand my friend, it's legitimate. It's your blog anyway... eheheh

Nice post! Keep up the good work!