Sunday, 9 November 2008

COA Trophy

This weekend was the COA Trophy, counting to the national ranking. The competition took place in Ribatejo, an area near my hometown. The maps from this are are known for being less technical and more physical with large open areas and lack of terrain details. The scenenary of the competition arena was awesome.

DAY1 - Long distance, 13,3km - 17c. The fast terrain allowed me to do a 01:08:13 race (5,1min/km). I was only beaten by Tiago Aires. My stomach wasn't well and made some contractions during the race. I finally vomited to the 12th control and everything got O.K. then =) I think that my stomach was the only thing that made me loose time.

DAY2 - Medium distance, 5,6km - 17c. The terrain was more technical than the day before. I wasn't expecting it, entered too fast in the race and made a mistake to the 1st control. In the 7th control I lost too much time for a senior race. But it wasn't enough once I was able to make another big mistake to the 15th. My faith was traced and I started looking for the 15thcontrol in the same area where I lost time to the 7th control. The extra running in the other controls wasn't able to cover the damage and did a disappointing race, spoiling the 2nd place from the 1st day of competitions. I ended with a time of 37min, 7 more minutes than the 1st athlete. Definitely, I need more contact with a map and regional competitions must become obligatory races for me in the next months in order to train with map.

Physically I'm not too tired and tomorrow I will re-start my normal trainings after one week of partial load because of a small contracture in my soleus muscle. I was able to heal it with the empiric knowledge of my athlete friends: hot massage in the bath intervaled with ice. Thursday, Ophtalmology test at faculty, Thursday/Friday/Saturday the National Congress of Sport's Medicine in Lisbon and Sunday a 10km race in Odivelas. We'll see!

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