Friday, 14 November 2008

Last training sessions..

This week we've being training hard. 30' + 14x300m on tuesday, 30'+ 5km at a high pace on thursday and some trainings twice a day. This week we had to change the 5km course that we do every thursday because of some works at the university stadium. We love to do this course every week once it helps us knowing ourselves better and recording our improvements. It also gives us the feeling of a competition.

Last season I used to do the 5k in the old course (it was harder with more climbing) at around 18'30 and my personal best was around 18'12. This season I 've already made there 17'15, almost one minute less than last season. Now I've done 16'44 this week in the new 5k course. Despite the total time of the 5k course depending a lot on the week's load, I'm really enthusiastic with these new records. I've improved some of my times in the interval trainings at the track too.

Tomorrow 3x2000 at university stadium or monsanto park (once there is a competition in Jamour) and Sunday maybe an easy 12500m race at Setubal with the first 2km at a training pace imposed by the organization and the possiblity of drinking a cup of Moscatel at the 8600m =)

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