Saturday, 15 November 2008

Training in Monsanto

Today we did a nice 2700m course in Monsanto. There was me, Paulo Franco, my everyday teammate, some blind athletes with the guides, my coach and Sérgio Silva, 3rd in the last European Duathlon Champs (who runs a lot!). After a 30' running, the first was to 9'00, the second to 8'46 and in the third time we did the course, I did only 2 more km (the first and the last) with Sérgio at a really high pace . The interval was 6min. I really enjoy this Saturday long intervaled trainings in Lisbon where the weekend spirit reigns (No stress! We don't have to go to work after!). =)


Luis said...

Podes detalhar o percurso dos 5km?


Miguel Reis e Silva said...
vai fazendo undo last point e vês o percurso em sentido inverso... no terreno os km's estao marcados a spray.