Sunday, 14 December 2008

31'40 at 10K!

Today was the Christmas Grand Prix in Lisbon. Once again, there were all the main national athletes once the prizes money where high. I wanted to do a strong start, once my old "slow start strategy" that was used in Pontével was not a success. I started in the frontline and was able to do a 31'40 race - average of 3'10/km (less 2min from my last PB, 33'20).

The weather conditions were not perfect (a rainny and windy day) but in the end I was really happy with my new achievement. I think the fact that most contributed to this personal record was that I ran with the pack all the time instead of starting slow and running all the way by myself. I was able to finish before some good athletes of the main national clubs.

I have been searching for a cause for this lately personal records. In the 5K course on dirty at the university stadium I've already taken 1' in 2 months (17'15 to 16'19). Now this new personal best, taking almost 2' in 2 weeks in the 10K (33'20 to 31'40). I think the cause is my later devolpment and a better training method now.

Last year I did a meniscal fracture and did a magnetic resonance. The orthopedist (the chief resident of a famous hospital in Lisbon and also my uncle) that examined my MR was curious about why my cartilage plaques (that are responsible for growing up) were still open at 20 years old (and the fact that they were still open caused me some pain in the past due to the hypermobile articulation syndrome that is found in teenage athletes who push hard on articulations that are still growing up). I was never an excellent athlete neither in swimming or running during my teenage years; maybe my development was later, who knows...

I was 20th, overall. You can find the results with times and the list of athletes here. (Select "Prova de 10km (2008))