Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Athletics race in Pontével

Last monday I went to Pontével, near my hometown to a 9km athletics race. It was really cold to the portuguese weather, around 4ºC and raining. The money prizes were high so there were lots of high level athletes (some Kenyans, Olympic athletes and other strong teams represented). I started slowly, afraid of the high paces of the frontline. However It was too slow and I ended making almost all the race with a Kenyan that had the same strategy passing the tired ones in the last 4km. In the end, I was able to finish with an 3'18/3'19/km average in a course with some climbs. I was 10th overall and was satisfied. Next race I'll try to find a consistent pack in the first meters and will try to stick till the end.

3x3km course = 9km TOTAL

Last week, in the 5km course that we always do on thursdays at the University Stadium, I did a 16'27 time, beating my last record from the week before of 16'50.

Next weekend I will compete in the Iberian Championship in Idanha-a-Nova. After a 8x400 today, we are already loading-off. I'll face this competition with a lack of technical trainings with map.. We'll see!

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