Sunday, 7 December 2008

Iberian Championships - The report

This weekend were the Iberian Championships in Idanha-a-Nova.
DAY1- middle distance 5,3km (225m) 57'58''- I started slowly without many mistakes. However to the 4th control I was following the path and suddenly missed it. I tried to pass the valley but it was impossible. Too many rocks and too much vegetation. I tried to go up the valley but couldn't too. Usually, a yellow area with a light green should be easily passable. Tommy Tolko did an huge mistake in the same area; In my single opinion the map was weird in that zone. I gave up and went around the rocky hill. I spent 17min to that control. After that, if I could find a path, that would be my option =) I ended making a more less regular course through the end. Unfortunately, that 4th control, was too much!
DAY2- long distance 11,2km (245m) 65'07'' - I started slowly too, and in the "path mode" imposed by the day before. However the terrain was much more open and easily runnable. I did a regular course with some time lost to the 3rd and 9th and a major error to the 5th.
Beside the mess in the 1st day, I was 3rd overall after Ionut Zinca (Romania) and Patrick Hofmeister (Germany). I was also 4th in the long distance race, an World Ranking Event.
I enjoyed this foggy and rainy O'weekend. I was already missing this orienteering spirit!

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