Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hamstring stiffness - overuse signal

Yesterday I went to a regional O'competition near my hometown. It was really cool to run in the maps where I learned to Orienteering during my childhood.

I've not been training well since Thursday. The posterior muscles of my both legs became really stiff and hurt when I run. It doesn't prevent me from training but shortens my training sessions. I went to the National sport medicine center and they told me that is minor and easily recoverable overtraining signal. They also told me that I needed to have massage more frequently and to stretch more... I have shortened my training sessions from Thursday till now and I hope that tomorrow I'll be able to train normally. I've been having some massage, hot immersion baths, recovering gels, magnesium... everything I have to get it better! And it's much better now! Today I was supposed to go with my O'friends to a 10k race but I thought it was better to rest. I even woke up at 7h, did a small test run around my house and returned home to sleep. =)

So if you ever experience this:
  • Tenderness and swelling over the bit where the tendon inserts onto the bone (tendonitis).
  • Pain when you try to bend the knee against resistance.
  • Stiffness after exercise.
I've learned it by the though way, slow down...

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