Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ori-Alentejo (map and course)

Today I went to Coruche to a regional competition. It was a good 10,5km training. The race took place in a fast and open terrain where I was able to run under 5min/km. I did some minor mistakes and a major one to the 23rd control. I passed close to the control but thought it was in the greens in the south. You may find the results here.

We have a new training plan now with intervaled uphills at Thursday, instead of the weekly 5k course. We first did it this Thursday and it was really exhausting (I almost vomited during it to what my coach answered "If you didn't vomit, you didn't push hard enough" =) ).

It has been really cold to the portuguese weather last days. We're not used to 0/-1ºC which difficults the breathing while training. However we have still managed to make 120km/week in the last weeks. Now that the exam season at faculty is starting I'll have to slower the rythm. Next weekend a 10km athletics race and maybe a short regional O'competition. We'll see...

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