Saturday, 7 February 2009

Back to the game...

Today it was the 1st intervaled training since I've slowed down. 2 weeks half-running and last week I did an average of 1h05 per day at an average of 4'40, without specific training. Today it was 6x1000 , 3'interval with many athletes, including Sergio Silva, duathlon world champion. I did the first 4 to an average of 3'02. In the 5th I vomited when I was at the 600m. In the 6th, 2'55. I was expecting worse, after this pause.

Once again I vomited during an intervaled training. I've found a cause-effect association: sport beverages! My stomach can't digest them during an intense training. My coach told me that when he was an athlete he had the same problem with some kind of sport beverages. Before next competitions, only water!

Yesterday I went to a new massagist, in Jamor. He is really though! I screamed a lot but he was able to heal the rest of stiffness that my ischiotibial muscles had. I'll try to go there once a week.

Now I have no lesions and I am full of motivation to this second part of the season. I'll just train until the 15th of March, the date when my exam season at faculty will end. I'll just participate in 2 days of competitions of Portugal O'meeting and maybe in the 2 days of the WRE in the weekend after once I'll have an important Neurology exam next to it. After that, I'll try to compete in almost every weekend. Today I spoke with my coach again and the physical objective to this season is to go under 15' at 5k. Technically, I'll train in every opportunity that I have. We'll see...

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