Wednesday, 25 February 2009

POM 2009

This weekend was the Portugal O'meeting 09. I only participated in 2 days of competitions. (If you participated just check in the next days the O'Galleries section in the blog where the portuguese photographers will soon start to publish their photos).

DAY1, 7,4k (155m) - A fast kind of terrain. A major mistake to the 5th control made me loose at least 2min. The rest of the race was ok but could have pushed harder in some parts of it. (I'll post the map later)

DAY2, 16,4k (605m) - Really though! Unfortunately, we aren't used to this kind of distances in the Portuguese cup. I did a mistake to the 5th, misunderstood the map in that area, didn't adapt well to the scale. The rest of the mistakes were because of tiredness and mainly in the last quarter of the race. In the last controls I could hardly run and did a major mistake to the 28th. There were 35 Elite men who quited the race or did mp.

I will try to run more long sessions in trainings once it's one of my defects. Even if I ate 2 power gel's, in a total of 200kcal I felt really dizzy in the end. As my coach told me, with his 2h15 marathoner experience, I need to train my lipid metabolism with long sessions. (Thanks to Danny Portal by the map, once my scanner is broken... )

Yesterday, tuesday, I got sick: a little fever. I hope I'll get better soon in order to be able to compete in another 16k WRE the next weekend (Everything is happening to me lately...).

Next week will be my final exam of this exam season. I have (almost) gone mad and I'm sick of the Faculty's library, where I've spent most of my time since 10th of January.

I've already lots of competitions programmed after the 7th of March, to the respective month.

- Regional cross-country competition - 8th March

- Lisbon's Universitary Athletics Championship - 10th March

- 1 regional O'competition - 14th March

- Universitary and National Short Cross-Country Championship in Figueira da Foz (the Long one, one week earlier is a possibility) - 21th March

- National Long and Relay O'Champs - 28/29th March

- 1 or 2 training camps

Between them, a lot of training sessions await me to recover the shape. We'll see...

(Photos by Jorge Correia Dias)

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