Saturday, 28 February 2009

Today's WRE in Portugal

Today was the COC's WRE in Pataias, Portugal.

WRE, 7,6k (150m) 43'27 - A really nice terrain with some loops. I was not able to concentrate properly and did many mistakes... To the 1st one, an unnecessary hesitation near the road... To the 4th another compass mistake... And in the last controls, a mess in the 23rd and 24th..
I'm not well once I've been having little fevers and my throat is inflamed since Wednesday. I tried to compete today and even now I think it was a good bet! =) Unfortunately, because of that, I won't participate tomorrow in the Long distance.. Next weeks I'll try to compensate... =)

The results will be soon here.

About the POM09, it was the most participated event in the portuguese O'history, after last year's WMOC. There are a lot of interesting interview's with the best athletes here (it's in portuguese but it's worth translating). I leave here the 1st day's map, where I did a good race. Unfortunately, I did a major mistake to the 5th that spoiled the race...

To learn to the next competitions...
  • I can't keep crazy running when I don't find the control at first. Stop and think!
  • Always anticipating... When reading the map where I am at the moment, slow down and start anticipating again... If I'm able to keep more the contact with the map, things will get better soon...

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