Monday, 30 March 2009

National Long Distance and Relay Championships

DAY1, Long distance, 11,5k, (535m) - Even if I took all my asthma medication properly, there was something in the air that didn't let me breathe well. I started loosing time to my rivals since the beginning. It was painful to run the race and in the end it took some time to recover my normal breathing. I was really disappointed in the end with all my previous months of trainings being unnefective due to this situation. 2 years ago, a similar thing happened to me: I ended a race with my knees like handball balls due to an allergic reaction. Another big mistake to the 18th and a doubtful option in the long leg (the uphill greens are more closed that what is in the map).

You may draw your option in the long leg below...

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DAY 2, Relay, 5,1k, (210m) - The combinatioon of my first controls were different than the other best athletes. I stayed behind the pack and did the first 5 controls alone. Surprisingly I realized in the path to the 6th that I was in the lead and that the pack had done some mistakes in the previous controls. More different combinations than the pack and some lack of self-confidence and in the long path to the 12th I saw the pack 400m ahead. I tried to run fast and punched the 12th with the pack. I punched the spectator control with Joaquim Sousa, in the lead. In the last controls there were many controls in the area that made me loose some time. I ended 2nd, just a few seconds after Marco Póvoa. My teammates did a regular race and we ended 3rd overall.
(the map below is from Jorge and my controls are drawn with red circles)

Below there are some photos of the weekend. With this national champs we earned some portuguese high quality maps to train. You may find more photos at the O'galleries section.

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