Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ori-Alentejo Trophy

Today I went to Arraiolos to participate in the 3rd OriAlentejo Trophy and to train the rest of the day there.

Competition, 5,9k (195m) 48'08 - I did a good start in the fast area. I entered well the closed area. It was really difficult to run in the greens and the visibility was reduced. After the 2nd spectator control (11th to 12th) I caught another athlete, didn't attack the control to the left and ended in the greens. To the 18th, huge mistake! It's unforgivable. I was with the athlete that I had caught previously and ran faster than I should in the open area and passed next to it. Even if I won the race I was disappointed with my course.

Afternoon, 3,4k, 23'59 - We went to Sabugueiro to train in a mixed map. We went in a normal pace because of some tiredness. There were still some controls in the terrain. Even in a slower pace I ended doing some mistakes.

After it we went to Évora to do this 6,4k (210m) course. It's the "electric course" once its fences are electrized because of the cows. If you touch them you'll feel them hard! =) There were some controls in the terrain too. We did a mass start once there were different combinations (this is Jorge's map so there are some controls that don't match). We went together in some controls. The greens have lots of paths that aren't marked.

I really need to develop my O'technique fast. I still do some unforgivable mistakes and some unecessary distractions. I've already fixed my errorsat start. No running without map! (once again I did an huge mistake because of it). This week I'll start the 2nd semester at University. Next weekend, training camp again. We'll see..

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