Sunday, 8 March 2009

Regional cross-country vice-champion

Today I went to the Regional cross-country championships. 4km, 11'46. I was not really enthusiasted with this race. I was a bit disappointed with the last friday's 2x3000 intervaled training and my intention in this race was to develop rythm in a faster training.

Today, without exams in my mind I started with the pack. The 1st 1k lap was really, really fast with a team attack breaking the group. The 2nd 1,5k lap was slower and in the end of it, there were only 3 athletes (including me) in the pack. In the last 1,5k lap there were some minor attacks but we ended the race with an enthusiastic final sprint. In the beginning of the last 100m I was 3rd but was able to pass the 2nd one in the last 2 meters (photo below, there's only my shadow). I ended being 2nd overall and the best sub-23. I loved the race, didn't suffer much and was happy in the ending. Now I have a motivation boost to work in order to get better in the next months. Next week it'll be holiday with a lot of trainings and orienteering programmed.

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