Friday, 13 March 2009

Some days off...

This week was University-free! Just training and skiing all day in Spain. I was really needing this days off. I've made there some nice running sessions with huge accumulated elevations. In the end of the days I was totally broken.

Last week I also had a meeting with Lurdes Silva, the portuguese sales manager of the brand Silva. I'm now sponsored by Silva and will be using its headlamps in the next seasons.

Last week I also bought a Garmin 405. What a training tool! With this km pacer, the problem is being able to run slow... The other sensational characteristic is that it writes my training diary automatically - I only need to be in a 5m range of my PC. I've tried twice to do a proper training diary without success (I'm too lazy)... I hope that this time I'll be able to do a proper one... and I can't wait to start analyzing my O'courses with it!

This weekend, the Ori-Alentejo Trophy, 1 intervaled training and some O'trainings.

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