Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekend's training camp

This weekend I participated in the COC/Ori-Estarreja training camp in S.Pedro do sul/Gafanhas, in order to train in similar terrains to the next weekend's National championships.

Saturday morning, 6xshort loops - I did some hesitations in the first loops that costed me some time. I usually do this kind of mistakes in the 1st controls of 1st competition days.

Saturday afternoon, 5k course - In a rocky terrain where the progression was really difficult. It was a chasing start. There was Macro-o (I missed the 16th) and loops. In the 11th control we had to flip the map over. I was expecting worst, once I have some difficulty in these maps (I'm not able to run fast in this rocky terrains and I have to develop my "rocky O'technique"). I usually train on the road or track. I really need more off-road trainings in hilly or rocky terrains in order to develop this kind of running technique.

Saturday evening - We trained anticipation in a sprint course. While running to a control we had to memorize the next one.

Sunday morning 7x ~=1,5k loops - Really nice training. We did each loop with a mass start (2 or 3 at a time) with forking and different controls. In the end, 12,5k in a fast pace. I analysed the pace graphs and the goal for the next weeks is to minimize the red bar, tryingto go at a slower pace without those hesitations (I'm not referring to the next graph where the red bar is control punching).

I'm really thankful to Bruno Nazário who organized this weekend trainings and also who invited me and to Ana Oliveira's family with whom I stayed with.

Conclusion of the rocky terrains - Start slow and navigate precisely (it isn't possible to run really fast). Don't attack a control without knowing the element of the control and without a consistent route attack.

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