Saturday, 11 April 2009

32'04 at 10k at Easter's GP

Today I went to Constância's Easter GP. A Total of 10k: 5k + a return of 5k after a 180º turn.

I started in the front but the pace was really really slow. We passed the 1st km at 3'20. Nobody wanted to take the lead alone through the adverse wind. The pace was slow in the first 5k and I was expecting that everybody would bet in the return, after the 180ºturn so I tried to be in a good place in the turn. And so was it... 500m after the turn there was only me and other 2 athletes. The 1st one went away gradually. I ended with the 2nd in a last km of 3'02. I was 3rd overall and won a nice crystal cup =)

The strategy was not the best. I'm better in maintaining a constant rythm since the beginning. Maybe if I went away in the 1st km I could have won but I didn't have the balls to do it. Maybe in a next time... In the end, 32'04 with the first 5k at that pace, wasn't bad at all... and it was a nice morning with all the orienteerers that went to the race too...

You may find the results (SEN M) here


Anonymous said...

360º turn???? Então continuaste no mesmo sentido :)


Miguel Reis e Silva said...

Grande gaffe... lol obrigadão