Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Compass...for what?

Last weekend I went to a training camp in order to train to the National Middle and Sprint Champs that will be held in Santarem in 2 weeks. 7 trainings in 2 days: 2 middle distance, 4 city sprint courses and 1 rocky sprint course.

In the first middle distance (where we also did multi-techniques) I had some difficulty with the map (and I wasn't the only one). There were lots of elements that weren't represented in the map correctly. The map of the competition will probably be similar.

Sunday we did some sprint maps. I just leave here an option that arised some questions. What would you do (from 39 to 41)? Left or right?
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I did my first sprint at full speed (10'50, 1.6k (125m) 15c)in one of the best portuguese city maps.

In the afternoon we did a memory course at an easy speed. In other words, we did the course without map, training simplification. I just had an hesitation to the 7th, once the control was hidden in a corner of an house's door.

After that we did a chasing start in this map without compass. Tiago Aires started 5seconds after me but punched the 1st control before me. We had different combinations in both loops and it ended being a fantastic training. I felt more self-confident than ever. I realized that I do more compass orienteering than what I should do, resulting in deviations. Next races I'll rely more in reading the terrain than being concentrated in the direction of the compass.. It was an huge difference!

Once again, I'm really grateful to Bruno Nazário who organized the fantastic weekend's trainings and to Ori-Estarreja the host club.
Tomorrow I'll travel to Algarve in a Faculty's trip. I hope that I'll be able to train there properly.

I just leave here an interesting video that I found at the Internet. Is it possible to beat this Runner's Factory?

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