Saturday, 18 April 2009

Training at Regional race...

Today I went to Sertã to a regional race in order to do some training with map.

4,9k (195m)18c, 29'02 - It was an easy map technically. I just had some hesitations to the 6th, in the valley with the greens. Me and some guys did the juniors course after, doing more 5k.

Physically, I'm feeling really well right now. Friday I did a long intervaled training under intense rain, with times that satisfied me and without suffering much. The track season is starting and I hope that I'll be able to do some PB's this year. In two weeks, there'll be the middle and sprint national O'Champs... We'll see...

Now is 10mila time, and today the plans for the evening are already made: listening to the 10mila radio and chat at WoO while working on a clinical history at the PC =)

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Anonymous said...

Grande Miguel continuas o mesmo cromo de coleção, por sinal bastante raro daqueles que só saiem de tempos a tempos.

Já estas de baixo de olho já não te perco o rasto.

Abraço e continua ai com a tua orientação.