Friday, 10 April 2009

Training camp with Alexander Shirinian

From 4th to 7th of April I was in the training camp of the portuguese team with Alexander Shirinian and Bruno Nazário.

We did lots of trainings like Anticipation, Downhill, multi-techniques, night-O, chasing starts... I really enjoyed being back to the O-life.. I post here the main sessions...

Multi-techniques (slow pace)- It's evident the gross deviation in the azimut part

4x downhill ~=1k with previous uphill fatigue ~=500m - surprinsingly I did it well without major mistakes. I always thought that I was better in longer distances.

Chasing start, 7,9k, 32c - I started 1st (the order was made from the downhill session) but I was soon caught by the others who started less than 30sec after. It was an emotive race, with some mistakes. I enjoyed it a lot!

I ended concluding that I need to develop my compass technique. I realized that in many occasions I am reading the terrain and then, when there are no elements to read I just go away from the route (like in the example below).I do many unecessary deviations (mainly in the night session).

During these days I observed that my O-technique got better during the camp. I just need to have more and more Map sessions... some work to the future...

After that I went to Serra da Estrela, the highest portuguese mountains and did there some nice running session, this one with 1h10 and 700m vertical climbing. However I've been a bit worried with my asthma that has prevented me from giving my maximum lately. It's always the same in the Spring with its pollens.

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