Saturday, 23 May 2009

National Universitary Championships

Today I went to Gâmbia, near Lisbon, to the National Universitary Champs in a really fast map in an open area.

Middle distance, 8,4K, (100m), 28c, 42'04 - This time I messed up. I didn't start focused and two big mistakes in the beginning. To the 1st control I deviated to the right and then thought that the special trees line was the white area. In the 2nd control I was loosing more than 1min to the 1st. To the 18th huge mistake again. I lost my focus when crossing the small path that, in fact, was a big path in the terrain. I was 3rd overall and found many errors that will have to be corrected to the next weekend. I have realized that my mistakes are in chain: if i missed a control, I'll miss the next 2 controls too. I have to Stop and refresh after a mistake! And I also realized that I have to boost my self-confidence. Physically, even if I didn't took off the load to this weekend I felt really well running.

This week I'll have to give my best studying. Next weekend, National Absolute Champs. We'll see...


Rudi said...

interval is 2,5 meter?
what about that half blue area close to the see?

Miguel Reis e Silva said...

I thinkg the interval is 2,5
The blues that are close to the sea are "Salines" (I don't know how's the word in English). It's a structure like this:
From where they extract the salt from the water. They're really famous in Portugal.