Sunday, 31 May 2009

Portuguese Absolute Vice-Champion

This weekend was really hot! There was the National Absolute Championships in Alentejo and temperatures were around 35ºC!

Saturday (Qualifications) 6,1k, (145m), 32'53 - I qualified in 3rd to the A Final. Temperatures were around 36ºC. A mistake to the 1st control, as I ever do... The last controls were really painful in such a desert. I did some unecessary mistakes in the 1st part of the course and just controlled the time in the 2nd part of it. I felt dizzy in the end with such a weather.

Sunday (A Final), 11,1k, (325m), 65'07 - This day was much fresher than the day before (34ºC). This time I started well. To the 3rd, there were some heavy greens that are marked in the map as white area. To the 13th, stupid mistake. And the last controls the lack of stamina made me loose some time. I really have to reformulate some of my trainings (I train almost as a road runner, maybe I need some longer off-road sessions) once I always break down too much in the end of Long distances.

Tomorrow I'll fly with my club to Finland in order to train there for a week. I'm really thankful to Juuso Metsala, my old friend who organized there some trainings for us. Can't wait to get away from all this sun!

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