Sunday, 10 May 2009

Portuguese Middle Distance Champion

This weekend were the National Sprint and Middle Distance Championships in Santarém/Almeirim. I was able to win my first 2 national champs as a senior.

Sunday, Middle Distance, 6,8k, 28c (410m) 43'49 - I was glad to win, but I wasn't satisfied with my race. There were 3 controls in a row where I lost the control. To the 9th I lost time, once I should have gone by the path from the beginning, to the 10th I attacked the reentrance to the right, to the 11th, that deviation to the left of the path and to the 12th a bad option (the terrain was tough to run, the best option should be the path). I tought that I had lost too much time and that the race was spoiled there. Fortunately I was able to recover the brains and I did the last controls with self-confidence, winning the race only in the last controls by more less 30''.

Curiously, my everyday training mates were also 3rd (Paulo Franco) and 4th (Jorge Fortunato). I really have to thank them (we push each others everyday), to Bruno Nazário who is always there to support us and to our coach José Santos.

You may find the results of the weekend here and photos here

I'll post the sprint maps, courses, photos and results as soons as I get the maps...

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