Monday, 11 May 2009

Portuguese Sprint Champion

Last weekend was also the National Sprint Champs in Santarém, a fast map without many relevant details.

1st race, 3k, (90m), 12'00 - I started slowly. I just had to slow down when leaving the 5th because of a car that was closing the street. I won by a short advantage of 3 seconds to Marco Póvoa. You may find the results here

2nd race, 3k (60m), 11'33 - (my watch ran out of battery)I managed well the stress of starting in the lead. Anticipated well and had the 9th leg course in my mind when punching the 7th. Anticipation really resulted with me in this Champs. I've trained it with Bruno Nazário in the last training camps and it ended being really useful (as well as relying less in the compass and reading more the terrain in the middle).
You may find the results here

The overall results are here

Now it's time to manage the study to the next exam season and starting the preparation to the National Absolute Champs, NOC and selection races to WOC. We'll see...

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