Sunday, 14 June 2009

Disappointing selection races to WOC

This weekend were the Portuguese selection races to WOC in the north of the country (Gerês).

Saturday morning, Sprint, 2,5K (95m), 18c - I wasn't expecting a map of this kind. I tought that the white areas were much more open than they were in fact. I did lots and lots of mistakes and was never able to start anticipating. A total lack of focus that I am still not able to explain.

Saturday afternoon, Middle, 4K (190m), 17c - The 1st control was my final cross. I leave the path, pass about 2m from the control and attack another big cliff (it was bigger than the other) that was not represented in the map. I looked at the map and that was the only cliff in the area, near the water, down to the upper rock, so it had to be there! But it wasn't... It was a matter of luck. I had spoiled it all in this stupid mistake. Even with the huge mistake to the 15 (where even near the road I wasn't able to understand certain elements) I would have done a competitive race.

Sunday, Long, 8,7K (295m), 21c (with map change)- Really nice and tough terrain with nice options. There were variations. To the 3rd a lack of focus. The 9th was not well placed in the terrain. I attacked the right rock but the control wasn't there. It was upper in the terrain, as the gps shows. Even with some minor mistakes I liked the race but we still don't know how the results of this race will end.

I was really disappointed in the end. It's a big frustration to see the hard work of a whole season ending like this. I know that I was a crazy head in the sprint, but that cliff in the middle and the long distance will take me some time to digest.

Now it's time to stop being a crying Sissy and look up again. The programme to the Summer will probably change with competitive Orienteering taking part of my life again only in September. Until then, a tough Exam season and will test what I am physically worthing now at the next track races. We'll see...


Anonymous said...

not ISSOM 2007 in the sprint , and the cartography could be more simplify in the middle and long distance map
nice blog and good luch for next competitions!

Anonymous said...

não desanimes Miguel, como vi por alguns resultados, penso que estes apuramentos não demonstraram realmente os valores de alguns atletas, de qualquer forma, parabéns a todos os apurados...