Monday, 8 June 2009

Greatest training camp ever

I've just a few minutes to write something before coming back to Portugal, to the boring Exam season at Faculty. The last days have been fantastic.

Yesterday the long distance didn't go as expected. A huge mistake in the long leg to the 1st control and then locked into the training mode. If this was not enough, I punched a wrong control when there were only 3 controls to the finish line. In the afternoon we did a short training in the model event maps and found there our friend Ionut Zinca.

If you have some time, it's really worth a look the GPS tracking of the last days (here). (If you don't have time, just don't click on the link, once you won't be able to stop watching it).

I'll post the maps and photos of last week as soon as possible.
It's impossible to become a better Orienteerer if we don't train on these maps. It was my first training camp abroad and I learned a lot. Hopefully I'll come back soon.

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