Friday, 5 June 2009

Learning a whole new sport...

This week I've been in a training camp with my club, CPOC, in the Helsinki region.

We've been training twice a day, in the morning with permanent controls organized by my great friend Juuso Metsala and his brother Tuomas and in the afternoon, in the trainings of the Finnish teams with controls and Emit (it´s fantastic to have this kind of trainings during the week with more than 100 athletes).

This has been the best training camp ever! In the beginning I had disappointing results. It was really difficult to get used to this kind of terrain, so much different from the Portuguese fast kind. It has been great to me, once my biggest difficulty is to maintain contact with the map. Here, loosing contact is missing a control. I've found that re-localization is an essential skill in which I have still too much to learn.

This was today's training, the test race for NOC. I didn't go fullspeed but was happy with the developments that I have made since the beginning of the week. (The permanent controls are short strings attached to the trees that are difficult to find, so the navigation needs to be really precise)

This was my first training (yesterday) where I was able to navigate decently. It was a mass start in a really closed terrain where the progression was difficult. (controls with strings).

Now I'm in the Salo area and will participate tomorrow in the NOC public races. We did a test race today and the maps seem easier and more open than the ones from Helsinkii. We'll see...

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