Sunday, 28 June 2009

Local road race

Today I went to a small local road race. It was raining a lot and I simply wasn't in the mood to run. One of the most important exams of my course, Medicine I will be next Thursday and I can't stop thinking about it.

It was a 4800m race (2laps).

I didn't go with the guys from the front (I did the 1st km to 3'05, they did around 2'55) and that was my main mistake. Consequently, I ended alone in the middle of the race. I was only able to catch some of the guys from the front in the last km.

I am always afraid to suffer in the last kms but that hasn't happened lately. I am more used to 10k races but I definitely have to find my pace in these shorter races once I intend to do some 1500m and 5000m at track next season. To know my limits in these shorter races I have to give everything that I have since the beginning in order to keep motivated with the pack: that was today's lesson.

The race was won by Manuel Silva, the 00/04 3000m Olympic athlete from SLB. I was the 3rd senior and 5th overall. I did a time of 15'15 and ended concluding that I could have done much better. At least it was a good 4,8k test to track and a nice train.

In the photo, Armando Aldegalega, SCP former Olympic Marathoner, giving the prizes. Paulo Franco, my training mate was 5th with a time around the 16'05.

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Rita said...

Caro Miguel, tomei a liberdade de levar emprestada a foto de entrega dos prémios para a pôr no site de fãs do Armando Aldegalega no Facebook, com a devida referência ao seu blogue. Obrigada e boas corridas! Rita Simões