Sunday, 21 June 2009

Regional Road Race Champion

Today was the regional road race championships, a race of 9K (3x 3K laps) under 34ºC.

The race wasn't flat with a 3x50m climb. There were some good athletes, with the Moroccan Hamid Hakin and my old teammate, the athlete from JOMA Nelson Silva (who recently has done less than 15' at 5K ).

The pace started strong with an expected team attack of the guys from Benavente (CUAB). I just ran with the pack the 1st lap. In the 2nd lap the 2 guys from Benavente pushed harder and I was left alone 15m behind. In the beginning of the last lap I knew that I would go to the podium, but the guys kept pushing hard in the front.

However they started slowing down in the 1st climb and in that moment I accelerated and caught them in the beginning of the descend. I was 2m behind them and had 2 options: 1- going with them and decide the title in the final sprint, which would be dangerous once they're track guys, faster than me; 2- passing them fullspeed and see what happens.

I did the 2nd option and they came with me. In the end of the descend I felt that the 2nd was under effort, 2m behind me and the decision of the race was in that climb. I gave everything that I had and in the final 300m I was with a confortable lead. The guys from my club did the party once they had never expected seing me coming 1st after being 15m behind in the beginning of the last lap. It had a special meaning being regional champ in my hometown in one of the oldest portuguese competitions (it was the XXXII edition).

The final results were as follows. My unofficial final time as 29'20. The measurement of the 9K was not official but it should be more less the 9K ( plus or less 100m).

1. Miguel RS - UDRZA
2. Joel Martins - CUAB
3. Hamid Hakim - CUAB
4. Luis Brito - CUAB
5. Nelson Silva - JOMA

My new non-WOC calendar is already made. I'll compete every weekend in athletics races until the beginning of August. Probably I'll do some races of the National Salomon Mountain racing circuit too. I'll slow down the 1st 15 days of August and will start the next season with a training camp in Sweden (15-23August).


Tiago Romão said...

Parabéns pah!!!


Tiago Romão said...

Parabéns pah!


Filipe Dias said...

Curti o estilo dos óculos...:P

Parabéns miúdo!!