Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Time to analyse

As promised, I just post some maps and pictures of last week in a few minutes.

Here is the NOC public race, long distance (11,630m). I was going well to the 1st but then huge mistake due to a lack of focus. Then tought that the water canal in which I was, was the one in the left with the greens (and there were some similarities in the terrain: tragedy!). Then locked into training mode to the rest of the race and didn't check the control numbers and stupidily punched a wrong control in the 16th. In the afternoon we did another 5k training in the model event area. Unfortunately, I wasn't really tired during these days (couldn't keep high paces in these terrains) and ended making many km a day.

I have analyzed my mistakes during this 1st training camp in nordic terrains and concluded that I have developed my navigation since the first training. However I still have too much to learn and I'll try to train and compete in these terrains everytime I'll be able to. I have to be able to compete in these kind of maps, at least, as I compete in Western European countries.

The O'season in Portugal has already ended (next year the calendar will be changed to fit the International calendar, ending in December). The next weekend selection races to WOC will define if I'll just train to the track season until August and relax in the summer or if I'll continue training Orienteering until September. I'm unusually relaxed. Both hypothesis seem appealing for different reasons. We'll see...

Just leave you with this movie. When we were coming back to Portugal, we needed to fill the tanks of the rental cars. We were late and our plane was leaving in 1h30. In this petrol station you could only pre-pay your gasoline. Repeated this process in a hurry 2 or 3 times =)

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