Tuesday, 14 July 2009

End of the season...

And so this season ends for me (the last season with Portuguese calendar; next season we'll fit to the international calendar).

Some feet pains and tough study hours to exams anticipated my Summer recovering period from 1-15Aug to 15-31Jul. I won't completely stop; I'll mantain a 30min/6km run per day (I've already been doing it for a week). The next season will officially start for me in the 1st August.

The madness of the last days has been compensated: 18/20 in Medicine I (the Big One of the course). Now with only Pediatrics left I can only think on Holidays!

The August plan for now is:
1st week- Family holiday in Algarve- The first long trains... (Bike and Run everyday)
2nd week- Possible surftrip to Morocco with friends
3rd week- Training camp in Sweden with CPOC(Start of the O'season)
4th week- Portugal O'Summer - A WRE event not to miss!

...and reeeeeelax!

The 08/09 season was pauted by my physical improvement on which I have the basis to continue working. I've had some encouraging results in Orienteering. However I still have too much to improve technically once I haven't found my perfect run/navigation balance in the more technical maps.

I'll start the next season with defined goals (this year some of them pass by Athletics) and with the intention to train physically harder and to be technically better. There are some gaps that really need to be filled. Next season I'll take it to my boundaries.

To do better, I've a new sponsor for next season: Mund socks. My feet now seem to run on the clouds. I've tried them in some trains and they're simply awesome. Worth to have a try!

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