Friday, 28 August 2009

Portugal O'summer - first 3 days

In the last days I've been at Portugal O'Summer. 3 races have already taken place in Cantanhede. Tomorrow is the Long Distance, a WRE.

Tue, Middle Distance - Big mistake to 4th, misunderstood the vegetation limits in the area. It was a more less 1'30 mistake. Then some hesitations and big mistake to the 29th. In this kind of maps, 1 mistake is the end, once they're really fast maps.

Wed, Sprint Distance - It wasn't a technical map. Even if I won, I'm physically too far away from shape - just beginning the season.

Frid, Middle Distance - In one of the most technical portuguese areas, Palheirão. Mistake in the area of the 1st and 11th. Big mistake to 13th where I spoiled the race. I have to avoid this time losses in the control area. In this kind of map, wins who does less mistakes.

Tomorrow, a 14k long distance. We'll see...

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