Sunday, 30 August 2009

POS - The WRE and final

WRE, 14,4k, (220m), 29c - 90'13 - The map was less technical and more physical. I'm in the pre-season trainings so I was afraid of how I would feel in such a tough race on dune terrain. I started slow and speeded up in the end, after the spectator control. I did a regular race with mistakes to 15th and 23rd. I felt physically well and won a race with a sparse international participation.

Middle Distance, 6,2k, (140m), 26c - 39'02 - This is one of the most technical portuguese areas. The micro-contour areas can be really tricky. Loss of time to the 8th, finding the control in the greens, hesitation in the greens to the 11th, to the 14th distraction with another control in the area, to the 16th mess with the paths, to the 17th just navigation without control followed by a regular end of race with a deviation to the second last control due to distraction with some other controls in the area. I won with a regular race, but only due to big mistakes of other athletes in singular controls. Can't be distracted by other runners or another controls! Too childish!

You can find all the results here

Since I've returned from Sweden, my navigation is more confident. I've concluded that in previous seasons I've just ran "blind" at O'races with such a poor contact with the map. Now I'm anticipating more, slowing when it's needed, starting at a really slow pace (maybe too slow, one thing to improve) and making exacter control attacks. Still to much to improve, but now in a better direction. We'll see...

photo by Joaquim Margarido

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Paulo Franco said...

Great Victory! Regular races although you spared/missed the first day :) Nice to see your O-technique is improving... Congrats! Paulo