Monday, 21 September 2009

Great weekend in Alentejo

This weekend I went to a competition organized by the growing club, "Gafanhoris".

Saturday, Long, 8,4k (330m), 51'51 - Tricky first part.
Mistake to the 5th - passed the green, felt that it was there but didn't enter the greens to find the control. Instead I did a 1'15 loop to punch the control then.
6th - Should have attacked the control by the small path that crosses the river. Lost time crossing the river.
14th - Without any doubt, the best option was to go by the left, around the big hill - Easier to run with less climb.
21th - I knew that those greens were a tricky area so I decided to climb a bit more and attack the control from above with confidence.

Saturday, Sprint/OriShow, 2,9k (15m), 13'04 - The first part of the race was in a simple urban area. The second part, in a different scale, was in a park. I hesitated too much in the last controls. My friends who were watching, have told me that I slow down too much when I look at the map. Maybe one thing to improve.

Sunday, Middle, 4,9k (205m), 40'38 - This wasn't my day. After a decent start,
11th - Lost 1'50 there. I left the path too early and entered the greens. Then lost time looking for the control, in my single opinion, in the right 2m rock. I didn't center the GPS trak in that area and it shows that the control was slightly to the south in a smaller rock. I was unlucky to attack the control by the greens.
12th - Lack of focus after having lost time in the previous control. Lost 1'00.
21st - A 3'00 loss here. I attacked the control from the post and wasn't able to find it. Then I climbed to the electric lines to relocalize and went down again. I can't center the GPS trak here. If I center where I punched the control to the center of the circle, my loop goes above the electric lines and I know that I didn't pass them to above. It's possible that the electric lines have interfered with the trak but I went to the terrain after the race and had some doubts. In the afternoon I did a 5k train in one of the many quality maps of Gafanhoris with some of my friends.
Thanks a lot to Tiago Aires e Raquel Costa who provided us such a great weekend. They've been doing a great job with those kids.
This season I have a new athletics club. Last Thursday I signed for Sport Lisboa e Benfica, a great club with some of the best national athletes including Nelson Évora, actual Olympic gold medallist in long jump and Vanessa Fernandes, actual Olympic medallist in Thriatlon. I'll compete in the main Sub-23 team so I'll have an extra motivation to prepare myself to the 5000m and/or maybe 1500m. My athletic goals for this season will be to have marks to the National Athletic Champs in 5K (usually 14'something) and to be selected to the European Universitary Cross-country Champs. It'll be tough but, we'll see...

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