Monday, 14 September 2009

Training to EYOC10 with the Portuguese youth

Last week I went to Soria (Spain) to help in the training camp of the portuguese youth to EYOC 2010. My function was to put the controls on the terrain but I was able to do the trains after, resulting in some nice trains in fantastic terrains.

Downhill (Navaleno) - 4 real downhills that I enjoyed a lot
Long options (Navaleno) - Tiago Aires and Norman Jones did a nice job working at this long legs. I did the train at slow pace, looking at the train of the youngers. 3rd, 4th and 5th were my favourite.
3rd - without any doubt, the best option is straight;
4th - I wanted to try this option and I was the only one. Left, by the path, proved the be better;
5th - That was the controverse control. Even if many claimed that left is better, I maintain my option by the path on the right. I lost time in the area because there's an huge open area there.
Mass start (Navalcan)- We did this train with the youngers and it was nice. I was impressed by the physical level of some of them. The 1st control of the last course wasn't in the right place (not my fault =) ).

Saturday I was scared by the sharp pain on my back after an ugly fall while water-skying. It's better now and today I was back to normal trains. School is starting but, until then, I'm enjoying my last minutes of freedom with some Orienteering.

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