Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hate to be sick...

From times to times comes a round of virus between my colleagues at faculty. This time I was one of the victims. Last friday I got a Viral Tonsillitis...

...and after a weekend at bed, missed Sunday's "Nike race against Tajo river" that I really wanted to run. Even if I'm able to run now (and have done intervaleds yesterday) I still have some chills and asthma in the evening...

Hope I'll be 100% recovered next weekend at the Iberian Championships.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Tough weekend

4x700m Loops, a 3,6K chasing start, a 7,4K race and a night 4K relay was my Saturday training. Sunday, a 11K multi-technique course with a demanding final with Micro-O where I ran out of fuel.

I just post the main trains

3,6K Chasing start - It was a great session with Orienteering under pressure. Like Tiago has told me in the end, there is too much to improve.

7,4K race - A nice organization in Coruche. Some interesting options, particularly the 13th control (better by the right). I just did too many deviations, too many sharp turns.

11K multi-technique with this Micro-O ending - I just ran out of fuel and did these last controls with a dizzy head. I didn't want to quit once these situations sometimes happen in a race and we still have to be able to cope with them. It was a fantastic train and, slowly and with some deviations, I checked all the right controls.

Thanks to Tiago and Gafanhoris, thanks to COC and Ori-Estarreja with whom I spent a fantastic training weekend.

I'm slowly returning to the training routine. Last Thursday I did my first fast 10x climbing intervaled session with Marco Povoa and today I jogged fast with the guys.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Fatigue: Mental vs. Physiological

I've came across this interesting article from "The Science of Sport" (you may find it here). Is fatigue a result of our conscious "Anticipatory regulation" or a result of muscle impairment?

It analyses some interesting questions like:
- If it was all physiological why do the best 10k races have the fastest last lap when the athletes have the biggest glycogen depletion and the biggest amount of lactate in the muscles? Why don't they speed up before?

- What cues, what signals, what experiences, what training, and what physiology are responsible for enabling the athlete to consciously slow down in the middle, and then speeding up at the end of a race and still optimize performance?

These guys, exercise physiologists have found their scheme between mental and physiological that just seems perfect to me and it ended being published at the British Journal of Sport Medicine.

If you're curious about it, you have a whole series of texts about this theme that will fill a great amount of hours of your spare time(you may find them here)

I've just a few time to write this post. Tomorrow I'll participate in a great training camp in Alentejo and I still have some hours of sleep to recover from.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

2nd National Competition of the season.

This weekend was the 2nd National competition of this season in Alijó, in the north of the country.

Saturday, Middle, 4,5K (185), 31'40 - I was satisfied with my performance. I did just a few mistakes on hesitations. Physically I felt well for a beginning of a season. Loss of time to 15th where I prefered to go around the rocks and attack the control with safety. To the 22nd, I think that the best option would be by the right of the big hill.

Sunday, Sprint, 3,8k, 14'32 (GPS ran out of battery)- With Marco Póvoa back to the game there can't be any mistakes in Sprint distances. I did a few and he kicked my ass in 40sec. Some of the options weren't the best, loss of time punching another control to the 5th, and a not so good physical performance formed my final result.

Monday, Long, 9,6K (260), 74'27 - This map has really tough greens that should be avoided at any cost. This race was far from perfection. Many losses of time in the control area. I felt that physically I didn't push hard enough once I ended the race with fresh legs. I haven't found my pace in Long distances once I'm always afraid of breaking down... and I really have to improve my running technique in rocky terrains!
After all, I won the weekend. My orienteering performance is better this season, but I still have too much to improve!!

Weeks at Home...

Last weeks I was (finally) at Home with my parents. No school, no study, no worries, just relax. I need some weeks like these a year in order to get the needed balance.

I've discovered that I have many good maps around, in a 30min drive range...

I've enjoyed by MTB bike (a lot!) in my hometown terrains with an (almost) everyday 25K course with some climbing... combined with an afternoon 1h run.

and I've been with my longtime friends...

Good times are ending. The 1st athletics race of the season will be on the 25th Oct, the Nike race against Tajo river where 10.000 athletes are expected. I've only done 2 specific trains this pre-season apart from jogging. I'm curious about my shape at the moment (I hope I'll do better than last year's 33'24). School is starting again next week. The turbulence is coming, and I'm already missing it!