Tuesday, 6 October 2009

2nd National Competition of the season.

This weekend was the 2nd National competition of this season in Alijó, in the north of the country.

Saturday, Middle, 4,5K (185), 31'40 - I was satisfied with my performance. I did just a few mistakes on hesitations. Physically I felt well for a beginning of a season. Loss of time to 15th where I prefered to go around the rocks and attack the control with safety. To the 22nd, I think that the best option would be by the right of the big hill.

Sunday, Sprint, 3,8k, 14'32 (GPS ran out of battery)- With Marco Póvoa back to the game there can't be any mistakes in Sprint distances. I did a few and he kicked my ass in 40sec. Some of the options weren't the best, loss of time punching another control to the 5th, and a not so good physical performance formed my final result.

Monday, Long, 9,6K (260), 74'27 - This map has really tough greens that should be avoided at any cost. This race was far from perfection. Many losses of time in the control area. I felt that physically I didn't push hard enough once I ended the race with fresh legs. I haven't found my pace in Long distances once I'm always afraid of breaking down... and I really have to improve my running technique in rocky terrains!
After all, I won the weekend. My orienteering performance is better this season, but I still have too much to improve!!

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