Monday, 19 October 2009

Tough weekend

4x700m Loops, a 3,6K chasing start, a 7,4K race and a night 4K relay was my Saturday training. Sunday, a 11K multi-technique course with a demanding final with Micro-O where I ran out of fuel.

I just post the main trains

3,6K Chasing start - It was a great session with Orienteering under pressure. Like Tiago has told me in the end, there is too much to improve.

7,4K race - A nice organization in Coruche. Some interesting options, particularly the 13th control (better by the right). I just did too many deviations, too many sharp turns.

11K multi-technique with this Micro-O ending - I just ran out of fuel and did these last controls with a dizzy head. I didn't want to quit once these situations sometimes happen in a race and we still have to be able to cope with them. It was a fantastic train and, slowly and with some deviations, I checked all the right controls.

Thanks to Tiago and Gafanhoris, thanks to COC and Ori-Estarreja with whom I spent a fantastic training weekend.

I'm slowly returning to the training routine. Last Thursday I did my first fast 10x climbing intervaled session with Marco Povoa and today I jogged fast with the guys.

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