Friday, 4 December 2009

4th National competition - The bad result to analyze performance

Middle, 6,7k, (370m), 30c, 35'33 - A fast terrain. Big mistake to 12th. Caught the runner before me and ran without looking at the map at an easy zone. A 1'30 mistake! To the 22nd, a 25'' mistake at the control area. I ended the race 31'' after the winner. I was happy because of the fast pace that I was able to get in some parts of the race but disappointed with such stupid mistakes.

Long, 14,9k, (450m), 26c, 81'12 - Another fast map. And started by the worst way. A 4' mistake to the 1st. Attacked the greens by the small hill but miscalculated the distance to the hill (forgot the 1:15000 scale). Then found a small elevation (like the control) and stayed there.. it had to be there! (but it wasn't)... It was the 2nd time that I've done a mistake like this.. and it can't happen again! I was caught there by the runner after. Tried to let him behind but ended making mistakes to the 6th (1'30) and in the long leg to the 12th (1'30?).

Overall... I was betrayed by the thoughts that I was physically feeling good. I get better results if I don't think "physical". And, most of all, what I need most, is this. When I force myself to look at the map, my results get better (the 1st time I consciously tried it, I was National Middle Champion).

Now we're getting nice loads (the 140km/week goal). Lots of repetitions, almost no recovery, like this 24x200 session (with a 100m jogging interval 40sec) after a 30' morning session and a 30' afternoon session.

Now with the Heart rate band there's no room to laziness: I got "a talk" with the coach once the first 16 repetitions were, according to him, "warm up"... According to the "lucrative pause" theory, the base HR should had been like the last 8: higher and slowly rising. Next session I'll push harder!

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