Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Arraiolos International Meeting WRE

International Meeting of Arraiolos, a 5 star event in the Gafanhoris area.

Long distance, 14.4K (570m), 30c, 90'22 - Started loosing 1min to 1st control with hesitations all the way (should I go straight?). To the 3rd, lost my focus with some pigs =) and did the path all the way. 6th, wanted to pass by the left of the lake but the last rains increased the size of it. Then some losses in the control areas (10th, 11th, 16th) and deviation to 12th. Biggest mistake of all to 24th due to the enthusiasm of the spectator control. I was satisfied with my result. I notice that I do better races when I think "go slow" rather than "go fast".

1 Tero Fohr [3524] Vehkalahden Veikot 1:28:25
2 Aapo Summanen [3520] Vaajakosken Tera 1:29:36
3 Miguel Silva [094] CPOC 1:30:22
4 Per Harald Johansen [3592] Lillomarka OL 1:34:30

Full results and Split times and Photos.

Middle distance WRE, 7.6K (195m), 28c, 39'53 - What a fantastic map! One of my portuguese favourites! Too much to the left in the 5th. Caught the 1st runner in the 11th and in the 17th we were a group of 4! I just have to work on my focus capabilities with other runners on the play. It's really tough for me, but I've been getting better in this lately. To the 22nd, wasn't able to cross the river in that area (stopped with the water by the chest).

1 Tero Fohr Vehkalahden Veikot 37:19
2 Jonne Lehto Vehkalahden Veikot 37:54
3 Miguel Silva CPOC 39:53
4 Per Harald Johansen Lillomarka OL 41:41

Split times and Full results and Photos.

Serious Orienteering again? Only in March! Now I'll take a 1 month interval where I'll mainly focus in the exam season at faculty. In the meantime I'll do some road races, the POM WRE and maybe one more O'race. I'll keep my training loads and will slow down 2 weeks in order to be back in March full of motivation to fight for top places until August.

I leave you with this photo taken in the last sandy intervals at the beach with the guys that brighten my training sessions.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Benfica TV interview

Interview, in portuguese, to my athletics club private TV, BenficaTV. A piece that was transmitted during October.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Christmas training camp and S.Silvester

From 26th to 29th we're training in Gafanhoeira, kindly hosted by Tiago Aires and Gafanhoris. 4 days, 7 training sessions in a terrain where the progression was really difficult due to the amount of water on the ground. The normal was being stuck by the ankle.
I felt that my navigation got better during these days. Afterall, the last time I had done orienteering had been almost 1 month earlier.

1 - A nice fast terrain as a warm up to the next weekend's WRE.
2 - We started and ended in the 10th control. A really heavy terrain with a much bigger lake.
3 - A nice mass start in the heaviest terrain.

In the last day of 2009 I went to Amadora's S.Silvester. It had a fantastic atmosphere with lots of people in the streets shouting "Benfica" as I passed by (my athletics club is one of the best portuguese soccer clubs). It's a competition to repeat, just by its spirit! The course was really tough! With such a big prize money (1st - 2500€) all the big guys were there. The race was won by Joseph Ebuya, one of the best Kenyan athletes (PB 5000m - 12'51) with a time of 28'39.

I started well but not fast enough to go with the guys that I wanted. Did all the race with a crazy Master. In the final descent I had a sharp bilateral abdominal pain and ended slowing down a lot (red square). I could have easily done less 25sec if I had gone with Ginja. I was 27th overall with a time of 33'15. It was a nice competition to gaign some rythm but I think that I can do better than that. You can find all the results here.

(Photos by Paulo Fernandes)
Tomorrow some sandy long intervals with the coach in Caparica beach. The tough studying times are coming. We'll see...